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Moonis Elahi Blog News: PPP, PML-N to Get Support of PML-Q in Punjab

ISLAMABAD: The PML-N is feverishly engaged in mustering support of at least 51 per cent MPAs of the PML-Q in the Punjab with the objective of changing their parliamentary leader to avoid the defection clause if the PML-Q members join the Punjab government.

Meanwhile, the PPP is largely banking on Hamid Nasir Chattha to secure votes of whatever number of MPAs, still left with the PML-Q, and may offer the office of the chief minister to him as a last resort to get the Punjab government.

Another major development, according to the source, is that the PML-Q in consultation with the PPP will approach the Lahore High Court (LHC) to stop the PML-Q forward bloc from voting for Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif after Governor Salmaan Taseer will ask him to seek a fresh vote of confidence after the PPP ministers quit the Punjab cabinet.

For over a decade-and-a-half, Chattha has had excellent relati06ons with Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari despite being in the PML-Q. He continues to be in the good books of the PPP, which has increased its interaction with him amid the fast developing situation in the Punjab.

The PML-N got 23 extra votes from the Punjab Assembly in the Sept 6 presidential election, which were of the PML-Q MPAs. But if the claim of a senior PML-N leader, made to this correspondent, is accepted as true, his party bagged a total of 30 PML-Q votes, including all the seven ballots, which were declared invalid.

He said the PML-N in fact needs the backing of less than a dozen PML-Q MPAs to have 51 per cent of the entire provincial parliamentary party with it and to be in a position to change their parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly. The PML-Q has a total of 84 MPAs.

Three days ago, 36 PML-Q MPAs attended an Iftar dinner hosted by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. One of them, however, later again slipped to the side of the Chaudhrys of Gujrat.

The PPP secured 16 extra votes, all from the PML-Q, in the presidential election. It has 107 MPAs while it had bagged 123 votes. These 16 MPAs, and the 30 members, who voted for the PML-N, form more than 51 per cent of the PML-Q parliamentary party in the provincial assembly. But they did not make one group for being in different groups, not speaking with one voice.

The source said the PML-Q still has the support of thirty-plus MPAs, who are an equal major attraction for both the PML-N and the PPP. The PPP’s utmost effort is to rope in all these members with Chattha leading them with the promise that he would be made the provincial chief executive.

According to the source, the Chaudhrys may put forward the name of Moonis Elahi (son of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi) as the next chief minister side by side Chattha if the PPP insisted on seeking the PML-Q support in order to oust Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

The PML-N has 178 MPAs while it requires a minimum number of 186 members of the Punjab Assembly to sustain its government. Already, it is in power on the force of the support of the PML-Q defectors.

The governor has repeatedly declared that the moment the PPP ministers leave the provincial cabinet, the Shahbaz Sharif government would be in minority and he would have to ask the chief minister to get a fresh vote of confidence that Shahbaz would not be able to secure for having no majority in the Punjab Assembly.

In his opinion, the PML-Q forward bloc would not be able to openly vote for Shahbaz Sharif because its members would be hit by the floor-crossing law and would thus be liable to disqualification.

A constitutional expert said the situation in the Punjab would become complex and complicated if the high court was involved. There was a secret ballot in the presidential election in which it was difficult to figure out the defectors, but it would be too easy in the election or vote on a trust resolution for or against the chief minister because it would take place through a show of hands.

“I have no doubt that all our turncoats will come back to us running with great speed once they see that it is going to have a dominant say in the post-Shahbaz Sharif scenario,” a top PML-Q leader told The News.

“Neither the PML-N can remain in the government nor can the PPP get power in the Punjab without the PML-Q’s backing,” he said. A PML-Q leader said its MPAs would have to collectively realise their importance under the prevailing situation in the Punjab. He said if they stood together, their party would be able to get the office of the chief minister. And if they did not support either of the two main parties, the provincial assembly would have to be dissolved because none of them would be in a position to form the government.


Moonis Elahi’s remand extended for 4 days

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Mar28-11}

Lahore, March 28 2011 A local court in Lahore on Monday extended the physical remand of detained Pakistan Muslim League leader Moonis Elahi on FIA’s request for further 4days. The Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Irfan Basra has directed FIA to present Moonis Elahi again on April 1.

Moonis Elahi told the court that he was under detention for the last 10 days and had fully co-operated with the FIA but so far he had not been shown any proof or evidence against him. He said that he had repeatedly declared that he had neither received any money nor he was liable to pay anyone and he had no concern with the alleged deal. The defence lawyer Iqbal Bhatti prayed to the court that his client was being un-necessarily detained and since the FIA had not made any progress despite obtaining physical remand 3 times before therefore any further remand was not required. He said that his client was innocent.

Prior to Moonis Elahi arrival in the district courts the Punjab Rangers and police had undertaken strict security measures and vehicles were not being allowed to enter the district courts. On his arrival thousands of highly motivated PML workers and leaders gave Moonis Elahi a rousing welcome. The armored vehicle bringing Moonis Elahi to the court was once again covered with rose petals. Moonis Elahi on stepping out of the vehicle smiled at his supporters and waved to them. The PML workers chanted slogans calling Moonis Elahi the future Chief Minister and against the false case in which he was being tried.

Remand of Moonis Elahi extended for 4 days

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Mar24-11}

Lahore (March 24, 2011) A local court today extended the physical remand of detained Pakistan Muslim League leader Moonis Elahi on FIA’s insistence for four more days. At the end of his 6 days remand he was brought after a delay of six hours from the court’s scheduled time. The court yard of the Lahore district courts was jam-packed with the Pakistan Muslim League leaders, workers and supporters waiting since morning for their leader’s one glimpse and enthusiastically raising slogans and waving party flags and placards.

On arrival the roof of the armored car bringing Moonis Elahi was colored red with the buffet of rose petals showered by a highly charged crowd. On the FIA’s request for a further seven days remand the court required the FIA to apprise that if nothing incriminating against Moonis Elahi had been found in the previous six days remand then what more did the FIA expect to achieve in further seven days. The FIA officials informed the court that the investigation was still in progress.

Moonis Elahi on this occasion again categorically denied his role in the alleged transaction and said that since he had no knowledge of it therefore the question of returning any money did not raise. Moonis Elahi’s lawyers informed the court that there was no evidence against their client and the FIA was over-stretching a politically motivated case for cheap publicity. Meanwhile a highly emotional yet disciplined pro-Moonis crowd gathered outside the court room continued to raise slogans declaring Moonis Elahi as the future chief minister and slating Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

Remand of Moonis Elahi extended for three days

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Mar21-11}Lahore (March 21, 2011) Moonis Elahi the senior central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League on the FIA’s request was granted another three day remand by the Judicial Magistrate in Lahore today. His defence lawyer said that in the absence of any proof or testimony against Moonis Elahi the FIA had detained him purely on vindictive and prejudicial grounds. Earlier when Moonis Elahi was brought to the court a large number of the Pakistan Muslim League leaders and workers welcomed him with flower petals and garlands. When a highly confident Moonis Elahi stepped out of the police van the PML workers chanted various slogans including “chief minister Moonis Elahi we are with you”.

During the hearing Moonis Elahi’s lawyer, Mohammad Iqbal Bhatti strongly opposed the request for further remand of his client and accused the FIA Additional Director General, Zafar Qureshi of falsely implicating Moonis Elahi in the NICL case on account of his personal prejudice and enmity. He drew the court’s attention to the fact that when Moonis Elahi was abroad he was summoned to appear as a witness on January 27, 2011 and when his lawyer informed that his client would be returning home in a week’s time to record his statement strangely and without any tangible reason Moonis Elahi’s arrest warrants were issued and he was declared an absconder. He said that the FIA tried its level best to prevent Moonis Elahi’s return to the country and when after being bailed by the Sind High Court Moonis Elahi appeared several times to record his statement the FIA officials turned a deaf ear to his requests. Moonis Elahi’s lawyer accused the FIA of misguiding the court. He said that there was no reason to award Moonis Elahi a further remand as he was ready to appear whenever summoned.

Legal requirements were not fulfilled by the FIA against Moonis Elahi: Kamil Ali Agha

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Mar18-11} (1)Kamil Ali Agha has expressed dissatisfaction over the way things were being handled in the matter of Moonis Elahi case. Alleging Zafar Qureshi, the additional director general of the FIA, of playing a biased role against Moonis Elahi, Kamil Ali Agha said the PML-Q wanted the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of Qureshi’s ‘partial’ role. Criticizing Minister for Interior Rehman Malik and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, Kamil Agha said “Rana Raymond” from Lahore and “Malik Davis” from Islamabad were behind the entire “biased” action against Chaudhry Moonis Elahi.

He said legal requirements were not fulfilled by the FIA against Moonis Elahi, who had already been declared innocent by different officials. He said on the initiative of the PML-N, Rehman Malik was busy in taking unjust actions against the PML-Q leader. He also stated that Ch Moonis Elahi courted arrest and all the rumours being spread against him by the Punjab government proved baseless.

Moonis Elahi, Lord Nazeer held a meeting

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Feb27-11}

“I am here’. Moonis Elahi remained in the FIA office for two hours

Photo Moonis Elahi 01 {Feb25-11}Lahore (February 25, 2011) Moonis Elahi the central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League remained in the FIA office in Lahore on Friday for two hours to record his statement but the FIA officials did not despite repeated demands produce the FIR as well as the proofs of the baseless accusations leveled against him. Later talking to the media outside the FIA office, Moonis Elahi said that he had great respect for the law and the judiciary and he had come to the FIA office to face the baseless charges trumpeted against him with the objective of besmearing his image.

He said that he reached Lahore yesterday and had come to the FIA office the following day to record his statement. He said that he had told the FIA authorities to provide him with the FIR or proofs, if they had any against him so that he could properly answer them but the FIA officials did not heed his demand. Answering a question, Moonis Elahi said that he was a political personality and there were political players behind the case who would soon be exposed.


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