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Moonis Elahi on 14-day judicial remand, Shifted to Nadra Guest House

Lahore (April 01,2011) At the end of his physical remand, Moonis Elahi, central leader Pakistan Muslim League was sent on a 14 day judicial remand to the Camp Jail, Lahore by the judicial magistrate, Mohammad Irfan Basra. Chanting slogans of Moonis Elahi’s innocence, Asif Bhatti a die-hard supporter of Moonis Elahi tried to commit suicide by jumping from the 2nd floor of the district courts but was grabbed in time by lawyers and workers present there.

"Moonis Elahi" "Monis Elahi"

Moonis Elahi’s lawyer, Iqbal Bhatti told the court that despite keeping Moonis Elahi in custody for 14 days and using all fair and foul tactics in the book the FIA had been unsuccessful in extracting any incriminating evidence or clue against him. He said that this was a clear proof of Moonis Elahi’s innocence and of him being subjected to extreme political victimization.

"Monis Elahi"

Moonis Elahi was today brought to the district courts 4 hours after the close of courts. He remained in the armored vehicle for 25 minutes after reaching the district courts as the court room was locked and the magistrate had gone home. The Pakistan Muslim League workers who had started assembling in the district courts from early morning kept chanting slogans and breast beating against the unfair trial of their leader throughout the day. Many emotional scenes were witnessed at Moonis Elahi’s arrival and the PML workers kept chanting fiery slogans during the court proceedings.

"Monis Elahi"

Supporters of Moonis Elahi

Remand of Moonis extended for three days

"monis elahi" "chaudhry moonis elahi"

Moonis Elahi

Lahore (March 21, 2011) Moonis Elahi the senior central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League on the FIA’s request was granted another three day remand by the Judicial Magistrate in Lahore today. His defence lawyer said that in the absence of any proof or testimony against Moonis Elahi the FIA had detained him purely on vindictive and prejudicial grounds. Earlier when Moonis Elahi was brought to the court a large number of the Pakistan Muslim League leaders and workers welcomed him with flower petals and garlands. When a highly confident Moonis Elahi stepped out of the police van the PML workers chanted various slogans including “chief minister Moonis Elahi we are with you”.

During the hearing Moonis Elahi’s lawyer, Mohammad Iqbal Bhatti strongly opposed the request for further remand of his client and accused the FIA Additional Director General, Zafar Qureshi of falsely implicating Moonis Elahi in the NICL case on account of his personal prejudice and enmity. He drew the court’s attention to the fact that when Moonis Elahi was abroad he was summoned to appear as a witness on January 27, 2011 and when his lawyer informed that his client would be returning home in a week’s time to record his statement strangely and without any tangible reason Moonis Elahi’s arrest warrants were issued and he was declared an absconder. He said that the FIA tried its level best to prevent Moonis Elahi’s return to the country and when after being bailed by the Sind High Court Moonis Elahi appeared several times to record his statement the FIA officials turned a deaf ear to his requests. Moonis Elahi’s lawyer accused the FIA of misguiding the court. He said that there was no reason to award Moonis Elahi a further remand as he was ready to appear whenever summoned.

Moonis Elahi held a meeting with Lord Nazeer

"Moonis Elahi", "Monis Elahi"

Moonis Elahi in a meeting with Lord Nazeer

We respect the law and the judiciary, political players behind the false case will soon be exposed: Moonis Elahi

"Moonis Elahi" "Monis Elahi" "Chaudhry Moonis Elahi"

Moonis Elahi

Lahore (February 25, 2011) Moonis Elahi the central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League remained in the FIA office in Lahore on Friday for two hours to record his statement but the FIA officials did not despite repeated demands produce the FIR as well as the proofs of the baseless accusations leveled against him. Later talking to the media outside the FIA office, Moonis Elahi said that he had great respect for the law and the judiciary and he had come to the FIA office to face the baseless charges trumpeted against him with the objective of besmearing his image.

He said that he reached Lahore yesterday and had come to the FIA office the following day to record his statement. He said that he had told the FIA authorities to provide him with the FIR or proofs, if they had any against him so that he could properly answer them but the FIA officials did not heed his demand. Answering a question, Moonis Elahi said that he was a political personality and there were political players behind the case who would soon be exposed.

Moonis Elahi returns to ‘put up a fight’

Moonis Elahi, Monis Elahi, Ch. Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi at Karachi Airport

KARACHI, Feb 23: Moonis Elahi, son of former Punjab chief minister Pervez Elahi and one of the accused in the NILC corruption case, said here on Wednesday that allegations leveled against him were politically motivated.

On his arrival from Dubai, Mr Elahi told reporters at the airport: “I am not involved in any corruption and all the charges against me have been concocted to defame and harm me and my family politically.”

He said he had already obtained a protective bail from the Sindh High Court and would proceed to Lahore after a brief stay in Karachi. He rejected a perception that he had returned to the country after reaching some understanding with the authorities.

He avoided answering questions about the officer investigating the NICL scandal, but said that the latter’s (the officer’s) father wanted to be the chief secretary of Punjab during the Pervez Elahi government, but did not succeed. And a brother of the investigating officer, he added, had sought the PML-Q ticket to contest election which was not given to him.

Our Staff Reporter from Lahore adds: Additional district and sessions judge Muhammad Yousaf Aujla set aside on Wednesday the order of judicial magistrate Irfan Basra for declaring PML-Q MPA Moonis Elahi a proclaimed offender in the NICL scam case. The judge also dismissed the arrest warrants for the accused issued by the same magistrate on Jan 28.

The judge issued the order on an application filed on behalf of Mr Elahi seeking suspension of the magisterial order.

Advocate Amir Saeed Rawn, the counsel for Moonis Elahi, accused the Federal Investigation Agency of misguiding the court for obtaining the arrest warrants for his client.

He said that FIA had summoned Mr Elahi in the NICL scam probe and a representative of his client had submitted a written reply to the agency on Jan 27.

He said the FIA had been informed that Moonis Elahi was abroad and would present himself before the investigators within seven days, but it obtained the arrest warrants the following day in violation of the law.

The counsel argued that the FIA had obtained the warrants by misleading the court and, therefore, subsequent proceedings of declaring Mr Elahi a proclaimed offender were illegal.

Punjab’s rulers have miserably failed to save people from the price juggernaut: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (December 10, 2010) Moonis Elahi the senior central leader of the Pakistan Muslim League has slammed the incumbent Punjab government for the unprecedented 160% increase in prices of essential commodities in the province in the last one year. He has called the over 85 million Pakistanis living in Punjab as the biggest victims of the country’s current inflation nightmare and has accused the Punjab government of miserably failing to save the people from the price juggernaut. Moonis Elahi expressed these views today in Lahore during a meeting with a delegation of senior provincial party members.

Moonis Elahi, Monis Elahi,

Moonis Elahi blamed the N League administration in Punjab of deploying the provincial resources for the consolidation of their political fiefdom at the expense of the poor and the helpless. He said that the incumbent Punjab government’s misdeeds had helped push the rates of crimes and suicides in the province to alarming heights and the poor were made to sell their children to make their ends meet in the last three years.

Moonis Elahi said that Punjab was in the grip of a ruthless food mafia which was being fully patronized by the current rulers of Punjab. He accused the Punjab government of an abject failure in purging itself of corruption, nepotism and extravagance.

Moonis Elahi said that the prices of essential commodities in Punjab including vegetables, meat, poultry etc had artificially been increased much before the September floods by the reigning food mafia. He accused the Punjab government of skimming huge public funds in the name of its bogus Roti scheme, food stamps programme and Danish schools etc. Punjab which was until 2007 a financially surplus province with a healthy 8% growth rate is today struggling under an unbearable 160% price hike due to the N League government’s sheer incompetence and corruption, accused Moonis Elahi.

The CM should have consulted secret reports against his ministers : Moonis Elahi

Lahore (June 29, 2010) The reshuffle in portfolios is not a remedy to the rampant corruption and inefficiency of the N League ministers in the Punjab provincial cabinet but actually an eye wash. The self-proclaimed Khadim e Aala instead of taking action against his party’s ministers in the light of secret reports has rewarded them.  The corruption reports of his ministers for jails and local governments reveal gross financial and administrative irregularities. These were the comments of Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League on yesterday’s reshuffle of portfolios in the Punjab cabinet while talking to a delegation of party workers from Lahore today at his residence.

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi said that the cabinet’s role in Punjab was only cosmetic as all the powers and resources were usurped by the Chief Minister and his band of merry men. In the last two and a half years the number of Punjab cabinet meetings can be counted on finger tips which go to further prove the presence of a one man rule in the province.

Moonis Elahi cited the recent comments of Raja Riaz, Punjab’s Senior Minister on the prevalence of corruption in the government echelons as a sure proof of the schematic skimming of Punjab’s resources by the ruling clique. He said that the province was running without full-time Health, Education and C &W ministers since 2008 and despite repeated public demands these slots had not been filled. Now instead of appointing capable individuals against these positions, Punjab’s autocratic Chief Minister has reshuffled cabinet positions to reward his most corrupt colleagues, alleged Moonis Elahi.

He said that N League’s Punjab government had economically and socially ruined the province and forced the people to sell their children and commit suicides.

Suicides on the rise in Punjab due to rulers’ incompetence: Moonis Elahi

(Lahore, June 19, 2010) A pall of gloom and morbidity has enshrouded Punjab since the return of the Sharifs in 2008.The alarming rise of suicide incidents in Punjab is the direct result of the province’s economic ruin brought about by Sharif “mal-administration” in the last two and a half years. How can the poor and the jobless survive when the budgeted personal daily expenses of the self-proclaimed “Khadim –e- Aala” are well over Rs.7 lacs? Sasti-roti drama has created further hunger and deprivation in the society. These views were expressed by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League, during a meeting with members of PML Human Rights Wing in Lahore today. The meeting was summoned to discuss the implications of the rising number of suicides in Punjab and to explore ways for the eradication of the causes leading to this unfortunate development.

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Commenting on the issue, Moonis Elahi strongly criticized the rulers and held them solely responsible for the unfortunate trend. He said that Punjab was the hardest hit and the highest number of suicide incidents had been reported in Punjab in the last six months. Moonis Elahi blamed Shahbaz government for the rising pessimism in the masses forcing some of them to take their own lives.

He said that N League had made false promises with the people at election time and in the last two and half years they had given them nothing except poverty, unemployment, inflation, crimes and now suicides.   The present system of governance in Punjab is based on the whims and caprices of one man which had also seriously weakened the relationship between the citizen and the state, Moonis observed. He said that in Punjab under the coercive Sharif regime citizens’ rights were being usurped, nepotism and jobbery were the order of the day and provincial resources were being squandered on poorly planned and counter-productive schemes. Criticising the roti scheme, Moonis said that N League’s government instead of launching the much needed poverty reduction initiatives had so far only come up with poverty production schemes like the roti scheme. They have not paid a paisa of Zakat fund to the needy and it is evident that they want the proud people of Punjab to hold a begging bowl instead of hammer, chisel or pen, he alleged.

He stated that these factors compounded with the self-proclaimed Khadim-e-Ala’s incapacity to understand the gravity of the situation had resulted in wide spread depression and dismay in the fast growing numbers of poor and jobless of the province. He said that the present situation had made the poor and the weak highly vulnerable and prone to take extreme steps including self-annihilation. He warned of a further worsening of the situation if the rulers did not wake up from their slumber and started undoing the extremely adverse effects of their own follies.

The sale of Phalia Sugar Mills was a transparent business transaction: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (May 27, 2010) The sale of Phalia Sugar Mills was a transparent business transaction and no financial irregularity was committed as implied. After miserably failing to implicate the Chaudhry Family in Haris Steel scandal, our opponents are now desperately trying to drum up another set of false and baseless accusations. Such campaigns are meant to hide our opponents’ own follies and to divert public attention from their stupendous financial crimes.

These views were expressed by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League while responding to the accusations made in a section of the press concerning the sale of his family owned Phalia Sugar Mills to M/S Colony Group.

Moonis Elahi said that Colony Group was one of Pakistan’s leading business groups and its credit lines with various banks far exceeded the alleged amount mentioned in the news item and it was highly unfair to politicize a normal business deal to serve vested political interests. He said that Colony Group had not defaulted with the Bank of Punjab at any stage but on the contrary it was a known fact that the Sharif family was on the Bank of Punjab’s defaulters list and owed over 171 million rupees to the bank since long.

Moonis Elahi further added that it was also common knowledge that the Sharifs were the country’s biggest bank defaulters and owed billions of rupees to various Pakistani banks, financial institutions and also to the FBR. He said that it was also widely known that the Sharif family had laundered huge amounts in foreign currency through their off-shore companies and there was a signed confession of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to this effect present in the records of London High Court. These and similar other facts regarding the financial crimes of the Sharifs had been time and again pointed out by Pakistan Muslim League in the last two and a half years to the utter chagrin of the Sharifs, said Moonis Elahi.

He further said that the Sharifs’ financial corruption was clearly evident from Hamesh Khan’s written statement submitted to the US, State Department and also in his petition filed with the Supreme Court of Pakistan where he had stated that the incumbent Punjab Chief Minister, on his failure to illegally wrest $ 8 million from Hamesh Khan, the BOP Chief at the time, for the purchase of a sugar mill and in being unable to coerce Hamesh Khan into becoming an approver against the Chaudhry family ordered his persecution. 

Moonis Elahi alleged the N League government of deliberately destroying the Bank of Punjab’s market credibility soon after coming into power and of engineering its financial collapse for vested political gains. How was it possible that the share value of BOP which stood at Rs 130 per share till the end of our government in 2007 came crashing down to less than Rs 10 with in the first two months of Shahbaz Sharif’s government in 2008? Moonis asked. 

He challenged his opponents to prove that his family had ever maintained an account with the Bank of Punjab or borrowed even a penny from it at any point while in power.

N League following in the footsteps of Muhammad Shah Rangeela: Moonis Elahi

Lahore ( May 12, 2010) Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League has said that at a time when the poor cannot even afford two square meals a day, Punjab’s N League government in stark contradiction to its bogus claims of austerity has decided to add 28 more VIP cars worth 31 crores to the Chief Minister’s fleet. The bullet proof cars bought by the previous regime were never auctioned contrary to announcements and are still in active personal service of Punjab’s ruling family. 28 new VIP cars are being acquired by further over-burdening the already depleted financial resources of Punjab.

Moonis Elahi expressed these views at a meeting with party workers in Lahore today. Lashing out at the decision of adding 28 more VIP cars to Punjab CM’s fleet, Moonis Elahi said that in the current extremely trying financial times where Punjab’s hospitals and schools had become incapable of performing their basic functions due to lack of funds and thousands of people were daily sliding down the poverty line due to inflation, unemployment and load shedding the decision of acquiring 28 new luxury vehicles has come as a shock.

Moonis Elahi flaying the decision said that the current rulers of Punjab were following in the footsteps of Muhammad Shah Rangeela a debauched Mughal King and their claims of adopting simplicity were nothing more than a farce. He said that the hidden face of N League now stood fully exposed to the people of Punjab and their announcements of bringing prices of essential commodities down to the level of 1999, auctioning of previous government’s bullet proof cars and converting 8 Club Road, Lahore into an IT university had proven to be a pack of lies.

 Moonis Elahi alleged the N League government as solely responsible for Punjab’s existing sorry state of affairs and reiterated his party’s firm resolve to protect the interests of the poor.

Upcoming “Langar” hoax cannot save N League’s sinking boat: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (May 8, 2010) After the failure of the tandoor scam if CM Punjab thinks that his upcoming Langar hoax will save N League’s sinking boat he is sadly mistaken. Punjab is not a province of charity seekers and the proud people of Punjab demand their constitutional right to better life instead of being humiliated through N League’s sham roti, atta and langar schemes. If CM Punjab had an iota of genuine concern for the poor of the province he would have long ago dumped his huge army of useless advisors who are merely getting fatter day by day on public money. These were the views of Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League expressed during a meeting in Lahore today with office bearers of Pakistan Muslim League Labor Wing.

In the meeting Moonis Elahi blamed N League’s Punjab government for squandering massive public funds for cheap political gimmicks and huge personal gains at the expense of the innocent and proud Punjabis.

He blamed N League for reducing Punjab once the bread basket of the country to a food deficient region and for insulting the pride of its people by forcing them to stand in long lines for flour, sugar and other necessary food items. Moonis Elahi called CM Punjab’s latest announcement regarding the launch of Langar (public kitchen) scheme in Punjab as yet another hoax meant to deceive people and to extort public funds. If poor people can successfully run langars (public kitchens) at Data Sahib’s shrine in Lahore and at similar other holy places in Punjab with their scant resources and on their own then why can’t the N League leadership with its huge financial assets follow suit? Moonis Elahi asked while adding that the truth was that N League’s leadership had a history of taking money from the poor and not giving it back to them.

The langar scheme was going to be another fraud with the people and like in the earlier tandoor scam where 30 billion rupees of public money had disappeared the upcoming langar hoax was also bound to gobble further billions, he alleged. This time the people of Punjab will not be deceived and if any attempt is made to misappropriate public funds for political gimmickry they will confront the rulers, declared Moonis Elahi.

Moonis Elahi’s address at First Convention of Tehreek e Quaid

Moonis Elahi

“Chuttee Bomb” an even lethal weapon against traders than the earlier “Plaza Bomb”: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (April 24, 2010) As if the earlier titles in the N series were not enough that N League by endorsing the anti-business decisions of two weekly holidays and daily closure of shops by 8 pm now also clearly qualifies to be categorized as “Nura” League. Acting as a benign opposition at the centre and playing bed mates in Punjab with PPP, N League has surpassed its allies in backstabbing the very people who entrusted confidence in them in the 2008 election. After the commercial plazas target killing spree the two-holidays per week “Chuttee Bomb” if applied will destroy of what is left of business in Punjab. These views were expressed today in Lahore by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking to a delegation of Pakistan Muslim League Traders Wing.

Moonis Elahi reiterated his party’s unflinching commitment to the cause of the business community and strongly condemned the decisions of two-holidays per week and closure of businesses by 8 in the evening. He said that 18 hours daily load shedding in Punjab could have been reduced to 4 hours daily like in other provinces had the N League government sincerely advocated Punjab’s case. Not just during the power crisis but in all other crises, N League without a moment’s hesitation has been compromising Punjab’s interests for self gains, alleged Moonis Elahi.

He blamed N League and its allies for jointly playing havoc with the country’s economy and bringing it to the verge of collapse. He said that Punjab’s default now stood at a staggering amount of Rupees 73 billion and if the recent anti-trade decisions were not withdrawn immediately the rates of poverty, unemployment, suicides and crimes which had already touched alarming heights were bound to shoot further up in the province.

Moonis Elahi warned the rulers of a public lash back worse than Kyrgystan if anti- business decisions and IMF dictates emphasizing further taxes on the already impoverished people of Punjab were allowed to be carried out. Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the Punjab government’s threat of cutting power supply to traders who did not comply with the 8 pm draconian decree and said that N League now stood fully exposed to the people of Punjab including the business community.

Creation of South Punjab province dire need of the hour: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (April 21, 2010) Punjab government’s step-motherly treatment and diversion of South Punjab’s already meager funds and resources for the development of Jati Umra have created a bitter resentment and an acute sense of depravation in the people of South Punjab. To address these negative developments and to alleviate the miseries of the people, creation of a South Punjab province is the dire need of the hour. These views were expressed today in Lahore by Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League during a meeting with his party office bearers and workers hailing from Multan Division. During our five year rule we left no stone unturned to bring South Punjab at par in development and prosperity with the rest of the province, said Moonis Elahi.

He reminded the party members from Multan that Chaudhry Parvez Elahi had declared South Punjab as his second home and throughout his government he personally undertook countless measures to pull the people of South Punjab out of abysmal poverty and backwardness. Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the deliberate step motherly treatment meted out to South Punjab since 2008 by N League government. He said that during the rule of PML government maximum resources were allocated for the progress and uplift of South Punjab and from 2002 to 2007 over 117 billion rupees were expended in the previously neglected region. On the contrary, this year’s measly allocation of rupees five billion for South Punjab by N League is nothing more than a joke and a stark reminder of N League’s deliberate indifference to the miseries of teeming millions living in the neglected region, remarked Moonis Elahi.

He further added that for South Punjab’s population of over 40 million only 5 billion rupees were considered sufficient in this year’s budget but on the other hand for a road leading to Jati Umra, the residence of the current Punjab rulers, an atrocious amount of rupees 21 billion was very conveniently dished out. While our government up to 2007 launched and completed several mega public service projects in South Punjab including hospitals, schools, colleges, roads, bridges, industrial estates, water supply and sanitation schemes etc, it is saddening to note that in the last two years not even a single new water tap has been installed by the current rulers here, stated Moonis Elahi.

Commenting on his party’s policy on creation of new provinces, Moonis Elahi declared that Pakistan Muslim League had always stood by the will of the people and creating a South Punjab province was an apt remedy to plug administrative gaps that had become even more manifest due to the incompetence of the current rulers.

N League playing the role of “Nifaaq League”: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (April 13, 2010) After the earlier titles of “Neelam” (Auction) and “Na Ehal” (Incompetent) League”, N League, now a days because of its divisive and selfish role is also being widely called as “Nifaaq” (Division) League. The divide and rule N League leadership can’t even spell the word revolution right let alone understand its dynamics. N League’s incompetence is the cause of recent public outrage in Punjab. These were the views of Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League, while talking to party workers in Lahore today. N League’s incompetence is leading Punjab towards an even worse situation than Kirghizstan, alleged Moonis Elahi while commenting on Punjab’s current dire financial straits. He said that excruciating inflation, towering unemployment and nerve breaking load shedding had virtually crippled the country’s largest province and forced people to come out in protest. He called the current protests in Punjab an expression of a deep public outrage against N League’s failure in delivering on each of the promises its leaders made with the people in 2008 election.          

Moonis Elahi said that besides its poor performance in Punjab, N League’s macabre role in the NWFP name controversy had virtually rocked the country’s very foundations and created unheard of divides among people. Characteristic of N League, its hypocritical role in the NWFP name issue and on the question of a separate Hazara province reflects the self-centered, power hungry and stab-in-the-back attitude of its leadership, he said.  Moonis Elahi expressed his deep shock and grief at the unfortunate loss of precious human lives and property in Abbotabad and blamed N League as solely responsible for the tragic and highly dangerous developments in Pakistan’s Northern Province.

N League’s history is writ large with instances where national unity and interests have been compromised for ulterior motives: Moonis Elahi

Lahore ( March 18, 2010 ) The comments made by Punjab Chief Minister suggesting that the extremists should launch their terrorist attacks outside Punjab demand the most vigorous condemnation possible. N League’s history is writ large with instances where national unity and interests have been compromised for ulterior motives. The people of Punjab consider Pakistanis living in other provinces as their brothers and sisters and value their happiness and well being as much as their own. These were the views of Moonis Elahi, central leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking to party workers here in Lahore today.

Moonis Elahi said that by establishing common grounds with perpetrators of death and destruction and by identifying with their agenda of doom the Punjab Chief Minister had not only sprinkled salt on the bleeding wounds of the nation but had also sent extremely negative vibes about Punjab to smaller provinces to the detriment of national unity.

Moonis Elahi said that it was shameful that in the month of March when the nation celebrates the Pakistan Resolution day such an irresponsible statement was made by the Chief Executive of the province where the epoch making resolution was adopted in 1940. He said that this statement had rocked the foundations on which the nation stood and had made the people of Punjab regret their decision of voting N League into power in 2008.

Moonis Elahi claimed that during his party’s rule from 2002 to 2007 because of its pro-people development initiatives acts of terrorism in Punjab were few and far between. He claimed that in the last two years due to N League’s anti-people policies and extreme misuse of provincial resources there was wide unrest in Punjab and the people were hard hit by inflation, unemployment and repeated power outages with no where to go. He feared that the present poor socio-economic environment in Punjab was likely to make certain areas of the province a breeding ground for terrorism. Moonis Elahi alleged that apart from undermining the spirit of national unity the statement also smacked of N League’s incompetence and failure in curbing terrorism in Punjab as in the last two years terrorism had increased by 800% in the province. Moonis Elahi held N League government as solely responsible for the unfortunate development.

Moonis Elahi remarked that Pakistan Muslim League had vociferously condemned drone attacks on Pakistani soil but N League contradictory to its claim of not taking outside dictation was through out mysteriously silent on this account. He said that this mysterious silence was a sure proof of N League’s tacit and hypocritical approval of drone attacks on Pakistanis and an endorsement of the fact that they were taking outside dictates.

Ch. Parvez Elahi Addess to Pakistani Community in Washington DC, USA

No Government Strategy to Avert the Imminent Agricultural Drought: Moonis Elahi

The country is going through the worst dry spell in ages with a severe agricultural drought predicted six months down but the rulers unbothered by the imminent catastrophe are busy whetting their appetite for power. Had there been an iota of concern for the 170 million water starved Pakistanis and millions of acres of water deficient agricultural land the rulers would have long stopped their power games and in fight and chalked out an emergent water management strategy instead. But by looking the other way they have shown where their true interests lie. These views were expressed by the senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi while talking in Lahore yesterday with a group of agriculturists belonging to Central Punjab. In the meeting, Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the present rulers’ unforgivable failure to prevent India from encroaching on Pakistan’s water rights.

He blamed the PPP Government at the centre and the N League Government of Punjab for deliberately letting India get away with its blatant violations of the Indus Basin Treaty. The main leaders of both the current ruling parties were frequently going abroad on highly expensive official trips but not once did they draw the global attention towards India’s criminal violations of Pakistan’s water rights, said Moonis Elahi. He said that after taking Punjab to the verge of financial bankruptcy the incompetent N League Government was now pushing the once food rich province towards an acute agricultural disaster. The people will never forgive the current rulers for their criminal negligence and total incompetence in handling the water issue, he said.

Moonis Elahi strongly emphasized the need for quick thinking and action which he thought the current rulers were incapable of undertaking. To avert the devastations of an imminent agricultural disaster a sensible and far-sighted government would have by now announced several pro-farmer steps including announcement of a Water Emergency, exemption from load shedding and introduction of highly subsidized electricity and diesel rates for the wheat, sugarcane, maize and cotton farmers of the country, Moonis Elahi pointed out.

Indian Army Chief’s War Mongering an Eye-Opener for the West: Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Lahore, (January 13, 2010): Dr. Abdul Qadeer’s befitting and timely rebuttal to the comments of the Indian Army Chief was actually a job that should have been performed by Pakistan’s ruling politicians. The nation is gravely disappointed with the ruling coalition’s “strange silence” on blatant Indian comments concerning Pakistan’s security and integrity. The rulers are engaged in their tug of war for power and authority to the enemy’s advantage. These were the views of senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi on the current geo-political situation of the region while talking to party intellectuals yesterday in Lahore. He said that the “Desire for Peace” (Aman ki Asha) could not be achieved with Asha Bhosle’s songs or with Mr.Amitabh Bachan’s “vachans” (pledges). Real and sustainable peace in the sub-continent will only come when India will be prepared to abandon its hegemonistic designs against its neighbors remarked Moonis Elahi.

He further said that Doctor Abdul Qadeer had rightly voiced the nation’s aspirations by reminding India of the dire consequences it will have to face in the event of a nuclear aggression against Pakistan. He said that India’s bestial denial of freedom to Kashmir, violation of the Indus Basin Accord, involvement in the unrest of Baluchistan and carrying out anti-Pakistan activities from Afghanistan were clear instances of India’s disrespect for international laws, resolutions, treaties and boundaries. Unless India decides to act like a good neighbor and reshape its policies in accordance with the requirements of peace and coexistence peace will remain a dream in the subcontinent, said Moonis Elahi. He urged Pakistan’s friends in the West to also review their pro-Indian stance in the wake of India’s renewed war mongering activities. He said that Pakistan had always upheld peace in the region while India had always been a villain.

Moonis Elahi pointed out that an apt description of the Indian leadership’s villainous mindset can also be found in the Former Indian Foreign Minister, Mr. Jaswant Singh’s recently published book “Jinnah: India- Partition- Independence”. He reminded the ruling politicians that it was time to rise above petty power games and megalomania. He reiterated Pakistan Muslim League’s trust and faith in the defence capabilities of Pakistan and said that the country’s land, air and water forces were fully capable of destroying enemy designs wherever and whenever and the nation stood by their brave forces at all times.

Punjab Government’s Campaign a Target-Killing: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (January 5, 2010) The modern trade centers of Lahore, once the pride of the city, are now the prime targets of Punjab Government and terrorist groups. The present rulers of Punjab are ruthlessly hammering down these trade centers with no consideration for the 500,000 plus individuals facing joblessness and the loss of over 200 billion rupees of people’s hard earned money as a consequence. LDA, is now an acronym for Lahore Demolition Authority. This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking to a group of shop owners and businessmen running their businesses in the affected trade centers.

monis elahi, monis, moonis

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi strongly criticized the destructive policies of the Punjab Government and said that the current Punjab rulers had surpassed terrorists in their anti-people designs and moves. He said that Pakistan Muslim League had always upheld the supremacy of the law and fully respected the apex court’s decision against unauthorized constructions but the recent demolition drive was in reality a case of political victimization as the unauthorized structures of Punjab Government’s political allies were not being touched and the LDA officials had been directed to look the other way. Moonis Elahi dubbed the on-going demolition drive as a target killing of buildings belonging to the political opponents of N League.

Moonis Elahi said that the “Sharif Shahi” rule had on the one hand plundered the national resources and shifted its loot money to foreign countries in the last two decades and on the other hand was now hell bent on destroying buildings in which apart from local Pakistanis a vast majority of expatriates had also invested their hard earned money. He said that nations had always show-cased their modern buildings as symbols of progress and prosperity. He cited the recent inauguration of the world’s tallest building in Dubai as one such example. But on the contrary the Punjab Government was bringing ill repute to the nation by following an opposite course and thus pushing the people further down into poverty and deprivation, remarked Moonis Elahi.

In 2009, Punjab faced the worst period of economic depression and poor governance since independence: Moonis Elahi

Lahore, December 31, 2009: In 2009, Punjab faced the worst period of economic depression and poor governance since independence and the people of the province spent the entire year in a severe environment of doom and gloom due to an incompetent provincial set up. This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League in a meeting with party workers on the eve of the outgoing year.

He said that the N League government of Punjab despite attaining power through an election kept its undemocratic agenda at full throttle and ransacked all democratic institutions including the assembly and the local governments throughout 2009. Moonis Elahi cited the atta and sugar crises occurring in 2009 and the unfortunate deaths of 22 Pakistanis while standing in flour rows as the darkest examples of the N League government’s poor performance in Punjab.

Moonis Elahi while lashing out at the poor performance of Punjab government in 2009 also pointed out at the alarming increase in unemployment, inflation and crimes in the province. He further said that various previously unheard of anti-people steps and tactics were also freely employed by the N League government in the ending year including use of brute police force to suppress and torture farmers, teachers, students, clerks, industrial workers and other underprivileged sections of the country’s largest province. Commenting on Punjab’s poor economic performance in 2009, Moonis Elahi reminded the party workers present in the meeting that in 2007 Punjab was a financially surplus province but in 2009 due to the present Punjab regime’s incompetence, Punjab had come to the verge of financial bankruptcy.

He strongly criticized the “Punjab for Sale” policy where valuable provincial assets were being auctioned to service the huge provincial debts amassed by an incompetent “Neelaam (auction) League” government in the last two years. Moonis Elahi also quoted President Zardari’s comments made in a speech at Larkana where he sounded highly critical of the poor performance of his coalition partners in Punjab.

The senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League said that the internal tug of war between the centre and Punjab had greatly hampered progress in the province and had given the criminal and terrorist elements an open field to target the innocent in the year 2009. Moonis Elahi urged party workers to stand united and prayed for better times in 2010 for Punjab and Pakistan.

Moonis Elahi at Christmis Celebrations

Moonis Elahi at Christmis Celebrations

Sale of assets reflects Punjab govt inefficiency: Moonis Elahi

Lahore (December-19, 2009) Punjab Government’s recent decision of putting up valuable public assets for sale at throw away prices clearly reflects the failure of its extremely flawed administrative and financial policies. This was stated yesterday by senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Moonis Elahi while talking to various delegations of PML leaders and workers at PML House, Lahore. While talking to party men, Moonis Elahi remarked that N-League had now turned into “Nelaam (auction) League” as it was auctioning out highly valuable public property to compensate for its government’s own un-forgivable financial blunders, faux pas and follies.

Moonis Elahi further pointed out that the provincial economy had virtually collapsed and that the province of Punjab which was an investors’ haven until two years back was now considered a no-go area by both foreign as well as domestic investors and financial institutions. He cited the recently expressed IMF concerns on the excessive over-drafts of Punjab government and the extreme financial crisis currently prevalent in Pakistan’s largest province as a clear testimonial of Punjab government’s incompetence and failure in the eyes of the outside world. He said that the IMF had urged the federal government to take a serious stock of Punjab’s current financial crisis.

Moonis Elahi declared that the people of Punjab now wanted to know that why was their province heading for financial bankruptcy especially when there had been hardly any public sector spending on development works in last two years. He said that it was the people’s right to know that how could a financially surplus province till 2007, now in 2009 was on the brink of an economic disaster. He said that in the current financial year after depleting all available funds and resources of the province in the first six months on its flawed and failed schemes and after leaving the provincial kitty empty the N-League government had now set its eyes on valuable public assets in order to continue on its financial rampage.

He said that while the financial health of Punjab was already alarmingly poor the N-League government had planned to render a further blow to the ailing economy by doling out expensive public assets in the name of fund-raising. This “Punjab for Sale” scheme like N League’s earlier tandoor and sasti-roti schemes will wipe out whatever little hope is left for Punjab’s financial recovery remarked Moonis Elahi. The plunder and surrender policy of Punjab government has resulted in an alarming escalation of crimes rate and suicide cases in Punjab and the people of Punjab were now in no mood to forgive N league for these atrocities, Moonis Elahi declared.

Message on Eid from Moonis Elahi

Monis Elahi

Sugar mafia is controlled by Punjab government: Moonis Elahi

Moonis ElahiNarowal: The N League-PPP coalition has wrecked the country. Those conspiring with their foreign masters in a plot to compromise Pakistan’s sovereignty and sell off the country’s vital interests in exchange for dollars will soon meet their fate. This was stated by senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi yesterday in Narowal while addressing a huge turn out of PML workers and supporters at Pakistan Muslim League Workers’ Convention. We will stand with the nation against enemy’s attempts at weakening Pakistan and together we shall frustrate all enemy conspiracies, Moonis Elahi declared.

Earlier, Moonis Elahi was accorded a very warm reception on his arrival at Narowal. Accompanying Moonis Elahi was PML Secretary General and Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Ch. Zaheer ud din.

Moonis Elahi was received at the city entrance by President of Pakistan Muslim League, district Narowal Ch. Kizer Virk, Col (r) Abbas Chaudhry MPA, former District Nazim Narowal, Col. Jawed Kalhun, General Secretary PML Narowal Tauqir Aslam, Mukhtar Hussain Shah, Hafiz Riawan and other prominent party leaders. His carcade was escorted to the convention venue by hundreds of party supporters and PML Youth Wing workers on motorbikes and other vehicles.

Moonis Elahi was given a rousing welcome when he arrived at the venue. The speakers at the convention were unanimous in their condemnation of Punjab government’s failure in solving the problems of the people. The speakers also criticized Punjab government’s criminal indifference to the issues of Narowal rice farmers and hinted at an estimated loss of 5 billion rupees worth of rice crop only in district Narowal this year. Patronage by government and local administration to proclaimed offenders was pointed out as the biggest reason for rising crimes in the district by the speakers.

In his speech, Moonis Elahi lauded the army for supporting the people in their rejection of Kerry-Lugar Bill and blamed the ruling coalition of N League and PPP as solely responsible for the existing deplorable condition of the country.

He accused N League for willfully misguiding the nation at election time by making the false promise of bringing prices of all food items back to the 1999 position. He remarked that the government of N League in Punjab had miserably failed to keep the prices at the 2007 level let alone their bogus election promise of reviving the 1999 prices.

Moonis Elahi strongly condemned the present ruling clique for its deliberate failure in controlling the prices of flour and sugar. He pointed out that the hypocritical top leadership of N League owned major sugar mills and alleged that in cohorts with the sugar mafia N League was fully responsible for fleecing the poor.

He quoted the statement made on television by the official spokesman of Mian Nawaz saying that the daily expense of N League’s leader was Rs. 3.5 million. Moonis Elahi said that in a country where poor were getting poorer this extravagance was unforgivable.

Moonis Elahi criticized the N League government for deliberately slowing down the completion of DHQ Hospital, Narowal because this project was initiated by the former government.

Commenting on the sad plight of district Narowal’s rice growers, Moonis Elahi reminded the gathering that during Ch. Pervaiz Elahi’s government the farmers of Punjab were prospering and there was no food crisis during his five years. He said the farmers were selling rice at Rs. 1000 per maund whereas a fertilizer bag was available for Rs.500 only in Pervaiz Elahi’s time, but now it was the other way round. He pledged his complete support to the farming community and assured that the issues of district Narowal will be raised by PML in the assembly and at other forums.

In his address Moonis Elahi expressed serious concern over the pathetic law and order situation prevalent in district Narowal and held the Punjab government fully responsible for this criminal mess. He condemned the N government, local police and administration for openly patronizing criminals and for appointing proclaimed offenders and law absconders as coordinators in district Narowal. He sympathized with the unfortunate victims of various crimes in the district in recent months and urged the people to rise against injustice. He also warned Narowal police to desist from framing PML workers in false cases.

Moonis Elahi praised Narowal party workers and supporters for their unflinching trust in the party leadership despite victimization and persecution at the hands of N League government. Moonis Elahi declared that the day was fast approaching when the people responsible for destroying the province’s economy and peace in the last two years will be brought to book.

Reconciliation achieved through Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Lahore:  Moonis Elahi, senior leader of PML mediated a patch-up between two parties of Gujrat to end their 14 years old rivalry out of which nine persons were killed in Mangowal in 1996.

Ch. Muhammad Anwer Sindhu, Talin Hussain etc and Nazar Muhammad, Muhammad Ashraf and others of both the parties swore on the Holy Quran to end their enmity and pledged to work for the public welfare and PML-Q.

Moonis Elahi condoles with Miraj Khalid Khan

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi condemned the terrorist attack at the GHQ

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and party leaders Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and Moonis Elahi condemned the terrorist attack at the GHQ and said such acts were a conspiracy against the country and the government should deal with such anti-state elements sternly. They also paid tribute to the soldiers who were martyred in the attack

We would not disturb PML-N goverment: Moonis Elahi

Vindictive activities and false cases against our leaders and workers initiated at the behest of Punjab Chief Minister will not bog down our spirits. This was stated by Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League while talking to journalists in Sahiwal yesterday after visiting the ailing former federal advisor and MNA, Rana Tariq Jawed at Central Jail , Sahiwal.

Moonis Elahi Talking with press outside Sahiwal Jail

Moonis Elahi Talking with press outside Sahiwal Jail

He said that the current Punjab government was scared of the rising popularity of Pakistan Muslim League and through negative tactics was making futile attempts to block the upward surge. He declared that the revengeful and below the belt tactics of Shahbaz Sharif and his cronies will not be pocketed. Earlier, on his arrival Moonis Elahi was greeted by highly enthusiastic party leaders and workers who had turned out in a great number for his reception at Qadirabad. The procession was led by hundreds of Muslim League Youth Wing members chanting slogans for Moonis Elahi.  Accompanying Moonis Elahi were Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader, Ch. Zaheer ud Din, senior party leaders including Raja Basharat, Arshad Khan Lodhi, Ch. Naurez Shakur and Iqbal Langrial.

Moonis Elahi said that Rana Tariq Jawed was a seasoned politician and a popular figure and the ill treatment being meted out to him at Central Jail, Sahiwal was highly condemnable. He cautioned the government functionaries to desist from becoming a party to Shahbaz Sharif’s revengeful agenda and urged them to be fair. He said that the police and other government officials involved in acts of high handedness against PML leaders and workers will be taken to task very soon. Moonis Elahi praised the exemplary courage of PML leaders and workers in the face of Punjab government’s undemocratic, despotic, unconstitutional and illegal actions being taken against them. Moonis Elahi warned the Punjab government to refrain from its negative tactics and instead focus on the problems of the masses. He said that it was due to its negative politics that N League government in Punjab had totally lost its credibility and that was the reason why Nawaz Sharif was also trying to wriggle his way out of the election.

Moonis Elahi flays plea against by-polls

N League’s Punjab by-election postponement plea moved in Lahore High Court amounts to denying the people their constitutional right to vote and reflects a defeatist mentality. This was stated by senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Moonis Elahi while talking to a delegation of PML workers belonging to NA 123. He said the plea that the law and order situation in Punjab was not conducive for the holding of by-election was in effect Shahbaz Government’s admission of failure to restore order in the province along with its failures on all other fronts. He said that this plea was moved considering the waning popularity graph of N League and it once again revealed the anti democratic designs of the N League leadership as they could not accept defeat in the face of growing criticism against their government’s poor performance record in Punjab since 2008.

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi said that postponing election in Lahore from where the Sharifs had won in the past was another proof of the fast decline in their popular support.  He reiterated PML’s resolve to become party to the case in LHC and fight a legal battle to protect voters’ rights along side other democratic forces and not let the minority government of Shahbaz Sharif repeatedly sabotage democracy and election process in the province. He strongly criticized Shahbaz Government for moving the court for postponement of election in two National Assembly and as many Punjab Assembly constituencies and warned that the said plea could have far reaching adverse implications on country’s politics and render an irreparable blow to the image of Pakistan in the world. He said that the N League due to its anti democratic norms was responsible for the derailment of democracy in the past and by attempting to stall the election process in the four constituencies it was once again committing the same crime and it was evident that the N League leadership had learnt nothing from past mistakes.

Moonis Elahi was also extremely critical of the recent decision of Punjab Government of distribution of flour to appointed tandoors through a courier company. He said that hiring of a courier company for this purpose was beyond comprehension as there were government departments and staff available to perform the same task without any burden on the treasury.

Pakistan for all Pakistanis: Moonis Elahi

A special article on Pakistan’s 62nd Independence day by Moonis Elahi

In the last 62 years, much ingenuity has been spent to explain the concept of Pakistan as envisioned by the Quaid and Iqbal.  But the question that haunts us even after 62 years of attaining freedom is that how close have we come to the actual translation of our founding fathers’ vision into reality? There are no two views that their vision was based on the genuine desire to provide the Muslims and other deprived communities of the Sub-Continent with a free homeland where they could live with honor and respect. Together, Iqbal and the Quaid had visualized a society where the cardinal principles of main stream Islam based on socio economic justice and equal rights for all irrespective of their religious, economic and ethnic backgrounds were to be guaranteed. They knew that the British-Hindu nexus was too powerful to be broken and the Muslims would always remain as third rate citizens in a Hindu dominated India and they would never get their rightful place in the society. The pathetic conditions in which the 150 million Muslims are forced to live in India today are a living testimonial to Iqbal and Quaid e Azam’s foresight. They had foreseen that under the Hindus the doors of higher education, better employment and economic excellence will never be open to the Muslims. Allama Iqbal’s historic Allahbad address in 1930 when he first articulated the dream for Pakistan turned a new leaf in the freedom movement of Indian Muslims and gave them a fresh lease of life. This Iqbalian dream inspired the Muslims of India with a renewed hope for freedom and they soon rallied under the banner of All India Muslim League led by Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and won freedom from the British after countless sacrifices on 14th August, 1947.

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

But 62 years after the success of this historic struggle for freedom the most saddening truth is that the people of Pakistan are still loitering in the dark. Despite living in an independent country the light of freedom has still not illuminated the lives of many. The Quaid-e-Azam had a very clear and principled concept of Pakistan which he explained through his words and deeds on numerous occasions.  On March 24, 1943 he openly declared in a party session that he would much rather not struggle for freedom if eradication of economic injustice of the poor and the deprived could not be ensured in the State of Pakistan. It is quite evident from our Quaid’s words that Pakistan was to be a land devoid of economic oppression and exploitation of the have not’s at the hands of the powerful.  But 62 years later an overwhelming number of Pakistanis still face the same pre independence oppression and exploitation and they continue to live as third rate citizens in their own country.  Today more than 60% of Pakistanis are living below poverty line. More than half of the Pakistanis have no access to clean drinkable water.  Similarly health and education facilities are also available to a negligible portion of the society. Law is only for the rich and the influential.  With these problems already playing havoc in the lives of Pakistanis suddenly new problems like the atta crisis, the power crisis, the water crisis and worst of all extremism have raised their ugly heads.  The reasons for all these continuing as well as recent abominations are not far to seek.  They are all rooted in our failure to ensure a just society based on the cardinal principles of mainstream Islam as envisaged by our great leaders.  In his May 28, 1937 letter to the Quaid, Allama Iqbal asks him that what is the remedy of all the ills  the Muslims of India confront?  He then answers that the solution lies in the implementation of Islamic principles of economic equality, social justice and tolerance in our lives. Undoubtedly,  the founding fathers of Pakistan saw Pakistan as a means to achieving socio- economic freedom for the have not’s and the hapless in the light of Islamic teachings and beliefs. I wonder as to how far we have been successful in translating this vision into reality.  

Today, the spirits of  both Iqbal and the Quaid must be greatly tormented to see that the people for whom they had envisioned a just and prosperous society were still stuck deep in the quagmire of socio economic deprivation, injustice and sinister exploitation by the powerful.  They must be in agony to behold the tentacles of IMF squeezing the last drop of blood out of an already emaciated soul of their nation.  Can anybody tell me whatever happened to Iqbal’s concept of the” self” derived from the Holy Quran and where has the Quaid’s vision of a strong and prosperous Pakistan based on principles of democracy,equality and fraternity disappeared?

I believe that on our 62nd Independence Day we should do a sincere soul searching and resolve afresh to make our country economically, socially and politically strong not by paying mere lip service to the importance of freedom but by actually taking concrete steps that may lead to the achievement of the vision and goals set by our founding fathers. To begin with as a nation we should endeavor to become self sufficient and pledge to stop borrowing pittances in loans and aids from foreign countries and financial institutions. As individuals we should resolve to lead lives free of ostentations and learn to tailor them according to our own means and resources. We should also resolve to eliminate poverty, injustice and inequality by becoming individually as well as collectively more charitable, understanding and forgiving. It is also high time that we evolve a common plan of action against tyrannical rules and exploitative politics and not allow selfish rulers to treat us as “flies to the gods who kill them for their sport”. 

Here I would also want to condemn along with the entire nation over the recent tragic killings of innocent Pakistani Christians in Gojra.  Sadly, this episode took place in the month of our independence and is an ugly blemish on our history.  The religion of Islam declares the murder of one individual as the murder of entire mankind but only due to the callous and cruel attitude of the present rulers of Punjab a handful of fanatics were encouraged to set ablaze non Muslim Pakistanis alive in their houses in the name of Islam and ironically the actual culprits have still not been apprehended. On this Independence Day, I request all my fellow countrymen to bemoan this tragic incident and resolve to weed out all the elements that are bent upon violating the spirit of Islam which is the true force behind the creation of this Land of the Pure called Pakistan.

The need of the hour is to follow in word and in deed the teachings of Islam and the vision of the founding fathers for a Pakistan which is free of economic, religious and social exploitation.  And the way to achieving these goals is to stand united against all enemies internal and external.

Happy Independence Day from Moonis Elahi

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Moonis Elahi for the urgent construction of Kalabagh Dam

Power may be available but few people will be able to afford it in future.

The already alarming high power rates are bound to shoot up by another 30-40%.

Despite 18 hours of load shedding consumers are getting 20-30% inflated bills.

Gross mismanagement of present rulers, their ad hoc and myopic policies, acquisition of expired rental power units, acceptance of strict IMF terms, maddening increase in power tariff coupled with power outages up to 18 hours a day have put an unprecedented load on the common Pakistani.

 This was stated by senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi while talking to party workers in London yesterday. He said the way the present government was handling the existing power crisis was extremely flawed.

 He stated that if the government did not revise its current power policies immediately there was every possibility that there might be electricity available in future but with very few people able to afford it. He said that the rumor was rife that the government was increasing power rates to a further 30% to 40% in the next few months.   

 Moonis Elahi said that at present the country was engulfed in darkness, almost 60% factories had closed down, farms were giving a desolate look and there was an acute shortage of water and electricity for domestic users. He alleged that despite 12 to 18 hours of power load shedding in the country the power companies were sending the consumers 20% to 30% inflated bills.

 He blamed the present ruling clique for these ills. He pointed out at the alarming increase in unemployment, which had pushed millions into abject poverty in the last 18 months and blamed the present ruling alliance as solely responsible for this sorry state of affairs. He said the rulers were busy spending valuable public money on their personal comforts and luxuries while the daily trials and tribulations of the common man on the other hand were multiplying at an alarming rate.

 He pointed out at the soaring rise in the occurrence of suicides and crimes and blamed the present government’s selfish and myopic policies as the main reason for these unfortunate trends. He declared that N league was equally responsible with coalition partner PPP in the present power crisis and in all other problems being faced by the country.

 Moonis Elahi said that the current power crisis was threatening the economic foundations of Pakistan but the government instead of finding long term and sustainable solutions and remedial measures was going for ad hoc and myopic decisions and policies aiming at self aggrandizement and personal gains.

 He stated that seeking IMF loans on stringent terms and acquiring used and out dated rental power units were not a solution to the problem. He blamed the ruling alliance for deliberately keeping the parliament in the dark on all steps with regard to solving the country’s energy crisis. He warned that the $ 2 billions overload of the rental power units will have a devastating effect on the national economy and it was the role of the parliament to step in and put a stop to this blatant loot and plunder.

 He pointed out that only in Punjab over 30,000 industrial units had closed down due to power shortage and there was an alarming increase in public anger and protests but to no avail.


Moonis Elahi said that the government in an unplanned and short sighted manner was increasing the country’s reliance on fossil fuel for power generation whereas the long term solution to the problem was in implementing a pragmatic and aggressive hydel power policy. He strongly urged the need for construction of hydel power projects including Kalabagh dam and urged the present government to set aside its political exigencies and work with all parties to foment a national consensus for the construction of the much needed hydel power projects in the country.

Police action against students and Railways workers a throwback to martial law regimes: Moonis Elahi

Police Torture on Students in Lahore

Police Torture on Students in Lahore

PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi has said that police action against students and Railways workers in Lahore are reminders of the martial law regimes of the past and the incidents have spread panic in the already harassed public.

He was talking to the office-bearers of PML-Q Education Wing on phone from London on Wednesday.

Mr Moonis said the way police used kicks, fists, batons and tear gas against students and railways workers proved that Shahbaz government had turned the province into a police state.

He said that the policemen who were otherwise being discouraged from apprehending criminals because of the latter’s connections with the ruling elite had been given a free hand by the Punjab government to chase innocent students and workers and thrash them.

The PML-Q leader said the whole country witnessed the inhuman treatment of inflicted on students workers by police through the media.

He said the fact that no government high-up expressed sympathy to the injured and against the police high-handedness proved that the police action was taken at the behest of the Punjab government.

He said during Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi’s five-year tenure in the Punjab government, there was not a single such gory incident on record and his gave the youth and the workers maximum respect.

He condemned the use of state machinery against the deprived and oppressed sections of the society, saying the police action reflected the mentality of the Punjab rulers.

Delay in Local Governments elections will result in increased poverty and extremism: Moonis Elahi

Government’s un-constitutional steps have put the people and the system in disarray.

Local Governments are nurseries of future leadership.

The Prime Minister’s role is not to point out problems but to implement solutions.

Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League has said that since February 08, various un-constitutional decisions of the Federal and Punjab governments have put the people and the system in a constant state of disarray and confusion. Local governments are the bedrock of a democratic system and the recent un-constitutional decision of an indefinite postponement of local governments elections amounts to depriving people of their fundamental democratic rights. Denying people the right to choose their local governments was a despotic move which would have highly adverse effects on the future of democracy in Pakistan.  The government should withdraw this undemocratic decision in the best interest of democracy.

Moonis Elahi, said this while talking to a delegation of Muslim League leaders and workers in Lahore yesterday. He said that the Prime Minister by recently dubbing the present state of affairs in the country as a hodgepodge cannot condone himself from his basic responsibility of finding solutions to the problems.

Moonis Elahi further said that Shahbaz government was afraid to hold local governments elections in the province on account of its failure in fulfilling the promises made to the people of the province at election time. He was of the view that Shahbaz government in order to save its own skin and to avoid public embarrassment was putting the entire democratic system at stake. He pointed out at the expensive media campaign of Shahbaz government against Pakistan Muslim League Nazims and the subsequent failure of Shahbaz and his men from proving even one Nazim guilty of the so called irregularities. He said that after its unsuccessful character assassination attempts against the Nazims now the Shahbaz government in cohorts with its coalition partner in the centre had un- constitutionally decided to impose government administrators as replacements of elected Nazims. He expressed his grave concern on the constant violations by both PPP and “N” league of the country’s constitution, the charter of democracy and the promises made by Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto with the people of Pakistan.

He warned the government that the undemocratic and illegal decision of postponement of local governments elections would further intensify feelings of deprivation in the masses and encourage extremist tendencies. He said that the beauty of the local governments system was in its direct contact of Nazims and councilors with the people for resolution of their basic problems. He strongly criticized Shahbaz government’s decision of relying on unelected cronies and incompetent government servants instead of popularly elected Nazims and councilors who enjoyed the trust and confidence of the people.

He declared that Pakistan Muslim League will challenge this un-constitutional decision and demanded that the government instead of shirking its responsibility should immediately announce the election schedule for local governments as per the constitution and the demand of the people.

A strong Muslim League is the guarantor of strong Pakistan: Moonis Elahi

A consultative meeting of  Pakistan Muslim League, Lahore was held on Monday at PML house with senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Moonis Elahi and President PML Lahore chapter Mian Munir in chair. The meeting was attended by a large number of party workers and supporters. The workers chanted slogans in favor of Ch. Shujaat Hussain and Ch. Pervaiz Elahi and reiterated the workers’ confidence in their leadership.

In his address, Moonis Elahi, thanked the party workers for their unflinching support to the party and expressed the leadership’s firm resolve to protect the country’s interests at all times.

He further said that a strong Pakistan Muslim League was the guarantor of a strong Pakistan and the party workers were its real strength. Among other who addressed the meeting included senior politicians Arshad Khan Lodhi, Mian Muhammad Munir and Begum Mehnaz Rafi. The Meeting was also attended by UC Nazims, Town Nazims and party ticket holders. Senior leaders including Mian Abdul Sattar, Khawaja Tahir Zia, Shahana Farooqi, Syed Faqir Hussain Bokhari, Tahir Siddique, Jehangir Arshad Wains, Kanwal Naseem, Amir Malik Advocate, Mirza Kashif, Farida Sulehari, Bilal Sheerazi also reaffirmed their commitment to protect the party from being hijacked by opportunists.

Party MPAs Majida Zaidi, Ayesha Javed, Amna Ulfat and Seemal Kamran were also present in the meeting and they strongly criticized the dissidents for their anti-democratic behavior. The participants unanimously appreciated the party leadership’s decision of holding timely party elections and praised Ch. Shujaat Hussain and Ch. Pervaiz Elahi for their services to the country and the party. Senior politician Begum Mehnaz Rafi said that the contributions of Chaudhry family for Pakistan were known to all. Among others who addressed the meeting were Arshad Awan, Sh. Umer Hayat, Saleem Aftab Advocate, Dr. Naeem Chohan, Ch. Jawed, Raja Fahim and Bilal Sheerazi.

Treasury fails to woo Opposition in Punjab Assembly

DEADLOCK between the treasury and the opposition persisted over the manhandling of the PML-Q woman members on Tuesday as the opposition insisted to continue boycott of the Punjab Assembly unless action was taken against Prisons Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor.

However, the treasury members urged the opposition to end the boycott of the assembly proceedings and both the sides would hold dialogue on the issue once again on Wednesday (today) before the beginning of assembly session.

On Tuesday, Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammed Iqbal, Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood Ahmed and a group of treasury members, comprising Senior Minister Riaz Ahmed, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, held a meeting with the PML-Q leaders Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, Chaudhry Moonis Elahi and Sher Ali Khan to diffuse the tension.

Sources stated that members from the ruling parties urged the opposition to end the boycott of the assembly while the opposition members demanded the immediate suspension of Chaudhry Ghafoor’s membership, asking the treasury to play an impartial role in the matter.

Talking to the media after the parliamentary meeting of PML-Q, opposition leaders in the Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Zaheeruddin and Moonis Elahi said the opposition would not attend the assembly session until the Speaker announced action against Chaudhry Ghafoor.

They said the N-League MPAs resorted to hooliganism in the Punjab Assembly and attacked women MPAs to divert the public attention from the faulty budget and the Kharif water fiasco.

Chaudhry Zaheer said it was up to the Speaker whether he wanted to run the house according to rules or turn it into a wrestling arena.

Speaking on the occasion, Moonis Elahi said the assembly record bore testimony to the opposition’s principled stand on various issues. He said the opposition had put all its questions in the house on the basis of credible facts and figures in the current budget session.

He condemned the non-parliamentary and unruly behaviour of the treasury members, which included hurling books and abuses at the women legislators belonging to the opposition. He said “undemocratic and unruly” of N-league was responsible for the derailment of democracy in the past and that the N league MPAs had once again demonstrated their inability to learn from their past blunders.

PML-Q MPAs, including Mohsin Leghari, Sher Ali and Mian Shafi, said the unruly behaviour of the N-league MPAs was meant to block the opposition from producing documentary evidence of Shahbaz government’s incapability in handling the recent Kharif water crisis and their un-parliamentary behaviour on Monday was a part of the plan.

The PML-Q parliamentary meeting was attended by PML-Q senior leader Hamid Nasir Chattha, Khurram Nawab, Col (Retd) Abbas Chaudhry, Malik Iqbal Langrial, Khalid Asghar Ghurral, Shafique Khan and Amir Sultan Cheema.

On the other hand, the members of ruling parties stated that opposition must give up its demand for action against the prisons minister and held the view if any action was sought against the Minister, the opposition woman member involved in the incident, displaying banner against the chief minister, should also be treated in the same manner.

Sources stated that opposition did not endorse the act of its woman member of displaying the banner but still insisted that membership of prisons minister should be suspended as his offence was of comparatively a grave nature.

Nevertheless, both sides failed to develop consensus on the issue and the matter was left unresolved for the next meeting on Wednesday.

Opposition insists on penalising Ch. Ghafoor

LAHORE, June 30: Opposition in the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday boycotted the session after the treasury did not entertain its request for a ‘strict’ action against Prisons Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor for his conduct.

During Monday’s session, Ghafoor had thrown budget books at PML-Q’s Bushra Nawaz Gardezi for hoisting a placard inscribed with “CM Punjabi industrialist is traitor of Punjab.” Following the incident the opposition had walked out of the house.

Before the start of the session on Tuesday, Speaker Rana Iqbal, Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Senior Minister Raja Riaz, Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira and senior adviser to chief minister Zulifqar Khosa held talks with opposition leader Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, Moonis Elahi and Chaudhry Sher Ali over the issue.

The opposition members wanted removal of Mr Ghafoor from ministerial post, besides suspending him from the assembly membership for at least 15 days.

“Yes we agree to suspend Ghafoor but he will not be penalised alone. Bushra Gardezi will be handed down the same punishment,” a treasury member said.

“You can not compare Ghafoor’s conduct with Ms Gardezi’s. Same punishment can not be awarded for slapping and stabbing,” Moonis Elahi argued and insisted on awarding `exemplary’ punishment to the prisons minister who had been in news for his alleged manhandling of the Customs officials at the Lahore airport.

“Sparing Ghafoor this time too means the PML-N leadership is endorsing a conduct unbecoming to a minister,” the young Elahi said and vowed not to return to the assembly if the opposition’s ‘just’ demand was not met. “We will take to streets and launch a campaign against Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for ‘protecting’ his cabinet member for ‘assaulting a woman’,” he said.

The treasury also insisted on authorising the speaker for any action against Ghafoor or both Ghafoor and Bushra but the opposition did not agree. “We will protest and continue to boycott the assembly proceedings if the speaker suspended Ms Gardezi too,” Chaudhry Zaheeruddin said.

Raja Riaz ruled out ‘unilateral’ action against Chaudhry Ghafoor. “It is not fair to penalise Ghafoor alone in this case,” Riaz said and told this reporter that a treasury team was scheduled to have a meeting with the opposition on Wednesday before the start of the session. “I hope some consensus will be reached between us and the opposition will be back to the house,” the senior minister said.

The speaker is also considering a proposal to suspend the membership of a legislator for at least 15 days for bringing a placard to the house. Though the PML-Q has no objection over the proposal, but it wants the same for future.

During the Pervaiz Elahi tenure, PPP’s Azma Bokhari had brought a placard inscribed with “Pervaiz Elahi Azaab-i-Elahi” and the then ruling PML-Q’s Zeenat Khan had attempted to snatch the placard from her. “We had suspended the membership of Ms Khan for three days for the gesture,” a PML-Q leader said and advised the PML-N to follow suit.

LAHORE, June 30: Opposition in the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday boycotted the session after the treasury did not entertain its request for a ‘strict’ action against Prisons Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor for his conduct.

During Monday’s session, Ghafoor had thrown budget books at PML-Q’s Bushra Nawaz Gardezi for hoisting a placard inscribed with “CM Punjabi industrialist is traitor of Punjab.” Following the incident the opposition had walked out of the house.

Before the start of the session on Tuesday, Speaker Rana Iqbal, Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Senior Minister Raja Riaz, Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira and senior adviser to chief minister Zulifqar Khosa held talks with opposition leader Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, Moonis Elahi and Chaudhry Sher Ali over the issue.

The opposition members wanted removal of Mr Ghafoor from ministerial post, besides suspending him from the assembly membership for at least 15 days.

“Yes we agree to suspend Ghafoor but he will not be penalised alone. Bushra Gardezi will be handed down the same punishment,” a treasury member said.

“You can not compare Ghafoor’s conduct with Ms Gardezi’s. Same punishment can not be awarded for slapping and stabbing,” Moonis Elahi argued and insisted on awarding `exemplary’ punishment to the prisons minister who had been in news for his alleged manhandling of the Customs officials at the Lahore airport.

“Sparing Ghafoor this time too means the PML-N leadership is endorsing a conduct unbecoming to a minister,” the young Elahi said and vowed not to return to the assembly if the opposition’s ‘just’ demand was not met. “We will take to streets and launch a campaign against Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for ‘protecting’ his cabinet member for ‘assaulting a woman’,” he said.

The treasury also insisted on authorising the speaker for any action against Ghafoor or both Ghafoor and Bushra but the opposition did not agree. “We will protest and continue to boycott the assembly proceedings if the speaker suspended Ms Gardezi too,” Chaudhry Zaheeruddin said.

Raja Riaz ruled out ‘unilateral’ action against Chaudhry Ghafoor. “It is not fair to penalise Ghafoor alone in this case,” Riaz said and told this reporter that a treasury team was scheduled to have a meeting with the opposition on Wednesday before the start of the session. “I hope some consensus will be reached between us and the opposition will be back to the house,” the senior minister said.

The speaker is also considering a proposal to suspend the membership of a legislator for at least 15 days for bringing a placard to the house. Though the PML-Q has no objection over the proposal, but it wants the same for future.

During the Pervaiz Elahi tenure, PPP’s Azma Bokhari had brought a placard against the Ch. Pervaiz Elahi and the then ruling PML-Q’s Zeenat Khan had attempted to snatch the placard from her. “We had suspended the membership of Ms Khan for three days for the gesture,” a PML-Q leader said and advised the PML-N to follow suit.

Moonis Elahi Speech in Punjab Assembly

It is “One Man Show” in Punjab, says Moonis Elahi

LAHORE, June 26: PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi says sense of deprivation is on the rise in the province because of “one-man show” in administrating Punjab.

 In a statement on Friday, he said Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had concentrated powers of inspector-general down to a low paid clerk and cabinet members were helpless in taking any decision regarding their departments. — Staff Reporter


His ideas are great

His vision sublime

His three enemies are

Poverty, corruption and crime

Please note my prediction

He is our prime minister in coming time

From: Amir Sami Khan, Karachi

Bravo! Moonis Elahi

Moonis bhai, I read the coverage of your maiden Punjab Assembly speech on the 2009-10 Punjab budget and I was really impressed.  You raised very pertinent objections to the proposed budget. 

 I was shocked to learn through your speech that Shahbaz Sharif or “Shahbaz Raj” as you put it, has plundered the province’s economy and public money is being blatantly misused.  The way you exposed the gaps between Shahbaz Government’s word, and deed was also an eye opener. 

One thing is for sure that you are this country’s brightest, upcoming leader who is voicing the concerns of the people from the opposition benches with courage and sincerity.

 You are doing good!

 From: Jutt in London

Rescue 1122 being made controversial: Moonis Elahi

LAHORE – PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi has said that at the heart of the clash between doctors and workers of Rescue 1122 lie a sick mindset of the Punjab government which wants to minimize the role of the rescue service being the brainchild of former chief minister Ch. Pervaiz Elahi.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Moonis Elahi alleged that the clash between two services reflected the failure of Punjab government.

He was of the view that both the aggrieved parties were serving a noble cause and government could play its role to diffuse the tension rather than adding fuel to fire.

He claimed that Rescue 1122 workers and doctors were playing their role to save human lives very efficiently but government was not ready to even tolerate this project initiated by the former government.

He was of the view that the Punjab government’s behavior towards Rescue 1122 service had been discriminatory and Punjab government after making number of failed attempts to abolish this service had now started to make it a controversial.  He claimed that had the Punjab government been fair and just then confrontation between the two services would not have taken place.

Moonis Elahi slams overspending at CM’s Secretariat

Moonis Elahi Anwering tghe Media Questions after the Punjab Assembly Budget Session

Moonis Elahi Anwering tghe Media Questions after the Punjab Assembly Budget Session

LAHORE: Spending on transport and entertainment at the Chief Minister’s (CM’s) Secretariat far exceeded budget allocations for 2008-09, despite official promises to cut unnecessary expenditure, opposition MPA Moonis Elahi said in the Punjab Assembly on Monday.

When they came to power, members of the PML-N-led government accused their predecessors of overspending on cars and paraded these vehicles before the media, said Moonis, whose father Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi headed the previous administration.

But the same government budgeted Rs 3.5 million for transport at the CM’s Secretariat and spent Rs 200 million; budgeted Rs 5 million for helicopters and planes, but spent Rs 25 million; and budgeted Rs 35 million for gifts and entertainment, but spent Rs 100 million, he said. Moonis said the government had budgeted Rs 120 million for the CM’s Secretariat but spent Rs 270 million. “If they can’t control the budget for the CM’s Secretariat, how can they control the budget for the entire province?” he asked.

The opposition MPA also criticised the Sasti Roti scheme, saying it made far more economic sense to subsidise wheat. He named a shop in Gawalmandi, home constituency of the Sharif brother, that was selling roti for Rs 3 each. He also slammed the government’s record on education, saying differences with district governments meant Rs 11 billion for education remained unspent in the 2008-09 budget, and the next budget contained Rs 10 billion less for education. staff report

Claim of Tax-Free Budget is challenged by Opposition in Punjab Assembly

LAHORE, June 22: The government’s claim that no new tax has been levied in the 2009-10 budget was challenged by an opposition member during the debate on the financial plan for the next fiscal during the Punjab Assembly session here on Monday.

Except a few, most of the legislators who got opportunity to submit their suggestions preferred only commenting on the document. For the opposition, the budget proposals were ‘antipeople’ while the treasury members termed these ‘exemplary’.

Presenting statistics, PML-Q’s Mohsin Khan Leghari informed the house that tax had been enhanced manifold under several heads, besides the government had spent beyond its allocated limits last year.

He said Rs126 million were allocated for the Chief Minister’s Secretariat in the budget 2008-09, but the supplementary budget revealed the expenditures actually stood at Rs268 million. Similarly, Rs47 million were allocated for VIP flights, but Rs85 million were spent.

In the 2009-10 budget, Mr Leghari said, the government had increased tax collection target for agriculture income form last years’ Rs600 million to Rs1,100 million, on property from Rs500 million to Rs10,450 million, land revenue from 4,100 million to Rs5,060 million, excise from 1,300 to Rs1,450 million, sales tax from 3,120 million to 8,759 million, stamps from 6,400 million to Rs11,000 million, motor vehicle from Rs4,300 to Rs7,624 million, toll tax from Rs5,00 million to Rs1,100 million, building rent from Rs240,000 to Rs48million and entertainment from Rs15 million to Rs77 million.

“This shows how much increase the government has introduced in taxes in the current budget. The masses will eventually have to face the brunt of this increase in the from of direct or indirect taxes,” Leghari said.

He said the Shahbaz government could not honour the commitments it made in the previous budget. “Rs1 billion were allocated in the 2008-09 budget for providing houses to the poor. Besides it had planned to increase electricity generation by 350MW and also had to spend Rs200 million and Rs500 million for the welfare of brilliant students and teachers, respectively. Bus service was also planned for the students of seven districts. The constitution of price control boards also remained confined to papers.” Mr Leghari said the government in the last budget had also announced Rs2,000 million and Rs1,000 million subsidy on agriculture tube-wells and transport, respectively, but did not spent a penny for the purpose.

Out of Rs13,000 million subsidy announced on food items, the government paid only Rs1,935 million, he added.

Similarly, he said the government wrote off only Rs450 million loans of widows as against Rs1,000 million it had promised in the previous budget.

Moonis Elahi joined Mr Leghari in ‘exposing lavish spending’ of the PML-N government.

He said the chief minister’s secretariat had burdened the provincial exchequer with an additional Rs150 million. “Reducing the education budget by Rs10 billion and using the money for paying the chief minister’s plane and chopper flights bills and other expenses amounts to destroying the already fragile education sector in the province,” he commented.

The junior Elahi further said the Shahbaz government’s ‘antieducation’ policies had been resulting in decline in literacy and enrolment rates. He also criticised the government for using Zakat and Baitul Maal funds for his ‘Sasti Roti politics’.

He was of the view that subsidy on wheat should have been of fered instead of spending millions of rupees for the roti scheme which was aimed at ‘self promotion’.

He was also critical of the government for purchasing a fleet of luxury cars for ‘nonelected’ chairpersons of task forces against its much-trumpeted austerity campaign.

He said an amount of Rs35 million was allocated for the gifts and entertainment head last year, but the Shahbaz government had spent over Rs100 million, in stead.

Calling the budget an ‘incomplete financial document,’ Mr Elahi said: “It is report of the extravagant and whimsical expenses of the Shahbaz Raj.” Sagheera Islam of PPP said bureaucrats had prepared the budget and even Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira was not consulted in the process. She suggested that the salary of the government employees should be increased up to at least 25 per cent.

Dr Faiza Asghar suggested upgrading of the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau to a department under a separate ministry. She said rehabilitation centres should be opened for mentally-retarded children in all districts of the province.

Senior Minister Raja Riaz responded that her suggestions would be given a serious thought.

The opposition members started passing remarks during the speech of ‘unification bloc’ head Dr Tahir Ali Javed who was all praise for Shahbaz Sharif and his policies.

PPP’s Azma Bokari alleged the Punjab government had not facilitated the blood camps the PPP had set up across the province to mark its slain chairperson Benazir Bhutto’s birthday.

Moeen Watto, Rahila Khadim Husain, Farah Deeba, Mehr Ijaz, Rana Munawar, Shagufta Shaikh, Rai Jamil, Khadeeja Omar and Rai Aslam Khan also spoke.

Punjab Budget only a report of the extravagant and whimsical expenses of the “Shahbaz Raj”, Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi in Punjab Assembly

Moonis Elahi in Punjab Assembly

Leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Moonis Elahi during his speech in the current budget session of the Punjab Assembly on Monday strongly criticized the lavish expenses incurred by the Punjab Chief Minster secretariat in the concluding financial year and pointed out the gross financial anomalies in the new budget. He said Punjab government’s failure in controlling the lavish expenses of the CM secretariat was a glaring proof of this government’s incompetency in managing the budget of the entire province. He pointed out that the approved last year’s budget of the CM secretariat was around Rs. 120 million but instead Rs. 270 million was spent thus burdening the provincial exchequer with an additional Rs. 150 Million.

He remarked that the Punjab government had no qualms in even sacrificing the provincial education budget at the altar of their whimsical and extravagant spending of the public funds. He said that by reducing the education department’s budget by an alarming Rs. 10 billion and using this money to foot the CM’s plane and chopper flying bills and similar other extra constitutional  expenses tantamount to destroying the already fragile education sector of the province. He said that Shahbaz government’s anti education policies had resulted in a steep decline of the provincial literacy and enrolment rates. He remarked that the misuse of power and resources by the rulers was equivalent to murdering and depriving the innocent. He was highly critical of the use of Zakat and Bait ul mal funds for the fraudulent   “Sasti Roti Politics” of the Shahbaz government. He said that had subsidy on wheat been offered instead of spending crores on the promotion and publicity of the “Sasti Roti Scam”the entire population of the province could have enjoyed a cheaper chappati.

He remarked that at present the said scheme is only focused at select urban areas and even the tandoors located in the Sharif’s home constituency in Lahore were not selling the roti at less than Rs.  3.  He reminded the house of the way the Shahbaz government had played up the issue of cars purchased by the previous government and pointed out that in stark contrast to their announcement of observing austerity, the Shahbaz government was spending billions of public rupees on buying new cars for mushrooming task forces in the province which comprised their   unelected and incompetent favorites.

These tack forces he further said were a huge drain on public resources and were a testimonial to the difference in the words and deeds of the Shahbaz government. He pointed out that an amount of 35 million was allocated in the gifts and entertainment budget of the Punjab government last year but the Shahbaz government had spent over Rs. 100 million instead.

He reminded the house of the promises of eliminating poverty and observing austerity made by the Shahbaz government at their outset and pointed out at their dismal performance resulting in wide spread poverty and hunger in the province. He said that this budget was an incomplete financial document and therefore not a budget but a report of the extravagant and whimsical expenses of the “Shahbaz Raj”.

Moonis Elahi thanks for Breaking the code of Silence

Dear Mr. Moonis Elahi

 You took your time in breaking the code of Silence but the way you broke it and spoke up to Mr. Khosa’s retort in the June 19 Punjab assembly session was a pleasant surprise. This individuates shows that you have an excellent faculty to rebut on a retort. It is a sign of a politician’s maturity.

 I am impressed.


Jutt in London

Moonis Elahi, Khosa Clash in PA

Saturday, June 20, 2009, Lahore

Arguments between a junior and a seasoned legislator caused uproar in the Punjab Assembly, igniting a blame game between treasury and opposition benches on Friday.

Moonis Elahi of the PML-Q and Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa of the PML-N exchanged heated words during the PA session. Tension was diffused when Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan intervened and asked both sides to calm down and pay attention towards the budget session.The situation became tense during a point of order when Khosa said there was a ‘manufacturing defect’ in the formation of the PML-Q and it was the reason why it was facing departure of legislators.

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Moonis Elahi on a point of order said that he remembered that Khosa had visited Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi at a time when Nawaz Sharif was in London. He said during the meeting Khosa had agreed to change his loyalty. Moonis Elahi told the House that he could also provide details of what Khosa had discussed with his father(Pervaiz) regarding his sons.

This infuriated Khosa who had returned to the Punjab Assembly for the ninth time. Khosa in reply called the son of the former chief minister ‘Moonis Nutt’ which elicited a strong reaction from the opposition. The opposition termed Khosa’s remark a ‘personal attack’ on Moonis.Continuing his speech, Khosa said that Nawaz Sharif had showered the family of Chaudhrys with personal favours and that he (Khosa) could also disclose what Chaudhrys had discussed with him (Nawaz).

Moonis Elahi said he could also say a lot before the House but his elders had taught him the importance of respecting others which Khosa probably hadn’t taught to his sons. This once again infuriated the PML-N camp. Rana Mohammed Arshad of the PML-N stood up and criticized Moonis and his supporters for being a part of a dictatorial regime.

PML-Q women legislators, including Amna Ulfat, Samina Khawar Hayat kept criticizing the PML-N leadership and the deputy speaker had to intervene and ask the members to calm down. Moonis Elahi on a point of order earlier has also criticized Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan for calling PML-Q a party of ‘turncoats’. Moonis, who remained very vocal in the House on Friday, stated that in past Rana Sana Ullah Khan was a part of the PPP and used to criticise the PML-N Quaid in the same House.

Hopes from Moonis Elahi

Mr. Moonis Elahi, While going through some Pakistani newspapers I came across the news of your participation in the “The Friedrich Naumann Foundation für die Freiheit” Conference on Leadership being held in Gummersbach, Germany  from June 5th  to 11th June, where political leaders from 24 countries across the globe are invited. 

I am a German national and a friend and well wisher of Pakistan. I personally feel that in order for Pakistan to brave against its present problems there should be opportunities for Pakistan’s young and well meaning politicians to interact with political leaders across the globe. Such opportunities apart from providing the global political community insights into Pakistan’s political goings on can also serve as a forum for creating clearer perspectives about the ground realities in Pakistan and arriving at viable political solutions of the issues your country is facing.

I am glad that the organizers of this conference chose you to represent your country. I feel that this decision was part based on your party’s successful role against extremism through sustainable development when they were in power from 2002 to 2007 and it is part based on your highly impressive rise on the political horizon of your country. 

I wish you Good luck in your political career.

Syed Z. Ali Shah


Moonis Elahi Urges Youth to Excel in Sports


Moonis Elahi Addressing to Youth at Gujrat Kabadi Festival

Moonis Elahi Addressing to Youth at Gujrat Kabadi Festival

Lahore – Pakistan Muslim League leader and Member Punjab Assembly Moonis Elahi has said that special emphasis was laid on sports during their government’s term and a lot of stadiums and grounds were built.

Addressing the prize distribution ceremony of Sehrish Usman Cheema Memorial All Pakistan Kabaddi match organized by Saadat Nawaz Anjnala, he said sports play key role in the development of nation. He urged the country’s youth to excel in sports.

Chaudhry Iftikhar Pehalwan of Kot Qutab Din beat Chaudhry Nauman Sarfraz team in the match which was watched by hundreds of kabadi enthusiasts. The organizers also arranged a horse and camel dance show.


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